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1 Electricity Examples
Definitions of quantities, explanations of equations, worked out example problems.
2 Electrostatic Charge
Discussion of electric charge and its characteristics. Includes the origin of the word "electric."
3 Conductors and Insulators
An older phyzguide on electric conducts, insulators, and conservation of charge.
4 Getting a Charge
Triboelectricity, conduction, and induction. Also losing a charge: corona discharge.
5 Coulomb's Law
Step-by-step construction of Coulomb's Law with a comparison to Universal Gravitation.
6 Electric Fields
Side-by-side comparison and explanation of gravitational and electric fields.


Balancing Charges 1 - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Qualitative puzzles involving the mass and charge of electrons.
2 Be Franklin For a Day - Answers
A section of a letter in which Franklin describes his famous kite experiment, with questions based on the passage.

Balancing Charges 2 - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Qualitative puzzles involving the mass and charge of electrons.
4 Electric Force by the Numbers Springboard - Answers
Quantitative development of Coulomb's Law.
5 Fields Springboard - Answers - Presentation (QuickTime)
Develops the ideas of the electric field by way of analogy with the gravitational field.
6 Field Plots - Answers - Presentation (Quicktime)
Plot the electric field surrounding spherical charges and charges plates.

1 Charge It PreLab
Questions for students to answer before doing the Charge It lab.
2 Charge It I: Pith Balls
Inquiry-based exploration of electrostatic force.
3 Charge It II: Electroscope
Inquiry-based exploration of electrostatic force.
1 Charging Ahead - Presentation (Quicktime)
Questions about several demonstrations using a Van de Graaff generator.

Electricity Begins With an M - Presentation (QuickTime)
Part of the "Physics Begins with an M" series. Make a transperency and put it on the overhead on the first day of the unit to enhance curiousity in the material of the unit.
Electricity Begins With an M Keynote
A nifty Keynote presentation of the M's. (Keynote is Apple's presentation software; PowerPoint is Microsoft's presentation software.) Trust me, neither Keynote nor PowerPoint are The Great Saviors of education. I recommend using them sparingly if at all. Better to teach!
3 Mechanical Universe: Static Electricity (College)
This episode covers the basics of static electricity. Alternate forms accommodate students seated side-by-side.
4 Raging Planet: Lightning
From The Discovery Channel's series, Raging Planet, this episode explores the nature of lightning and associated phenomena. Includes discussions of lightnig folklore, biological effects suffered by lightning strike victims, man-0made (triggered) lightning, jets and sprites.
5 Electric Field Hockey Competition
Information on this computer program can be found here
6 Electricity Crossword Puzzle Grid - Clues
Crossword puzzles are highly personalized and may not always translate well from my classroom to yours.
7 NEW: PracTest Complete

OLD: Practice Test Questions - Answers

Sample test questions covering electric charge and current electricity.

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